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I made this website because I wanted to share my life, my style, my hopes and my dreams! I allso wanted to make this website to share a message to everyone who comes to my site I am 11 years old and have experenced many bad thing that people do to them selfs and to teach you why they do it and what happens to them inside!

My favorite thing!
My favorite thing in life is my family and friends they help me out when I'm sad and keep me happy when I spend time with them! Thats why I would never do anything to myself that would hurt them you shuld think about that too!

My Favorite Things To Do
I like to spend time with my family and friends write stories and draw picture explaining my life and family/Friends. I love to wake up on a saturday morning by myself and not have to be shaken up to go to school, school is a drag but best when you have friends around to play and hang with!

Some of My Favorite People
Some of my favorite people are My mum my dad my aunts,uncels and cousins my grandmas and grandpa( one died) my best friend Katrina my other friends my old Kindee teach Miss.Argayoh and all of my mum and dads funny friends!

Crayon Drawing
My favorite color is blue it expresses me in many ways. To me blue is bright and beautifull as the sky and ocens. It allso makes me feel happy when I see that I am not in a Blue mood and reminds me of my grandpa who allways had say I was a water girl and I am!
Link to More Drawings

This site is made by a proud Canadian!